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KCBFS 18602 2

Classe énergétique

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    Don’t lose track of your ingredients

    KitchenAid Refrigerators are designed to keep your ingredients fresh, perfectly stored and within easy reach, immediately ready for your next culinary adventure.

    Total No Frost Technology

    Frost Freezing

    Blast Chilling

    This Single-Door Freezer has a total capacity of more than 200L that offers both a blast chilling and frost freezing compartment.

    Are you looking for a creative solution? Create a Side-by-Side configuration by combining this Single-Door Freezer with the Single-Door Refrigerator to embrace an European-style kitchen that can satisfy any desire.

    Shock freezing food’s core temperature

    Shock Freeze

    Shock freezing quickly lowers the food’s core temperature to -18°C. It is perfect to retain texture, taste, nutrition and colour of the ingredients to cook them in a later moment.

    The blast chilling function

    Blast Chill

    The blast chilling function reduces the temperature of oven-hot cooked food to +3°C, making it perfect for those recipes where you need to stop immediately the cooking of the ingredients.

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