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KOQCX 45600

Classe énergétique

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    What's in the box?


    A journey to discover extraordinary natural flavours

    Thanks to a fan at the back of the oven, the KitchenAid Compact Combi Oven can also combine steam and fan-forced air to cook delicious dishes that are impeccably browned on the outside and beautifully tender and succulent on the inside. Plus, with four levels of steam injection, you are always completely in control.


    Pure steam, pure authentic flavours

    With steam cooking, nutrients and flavour are magically preserved and ingredients take on a melt-in-the-mouth succulence.

    Steam cooking is the perfect way to cook healthy, light dishes. Just choose your ingredients and place them in the specially designed steam tray. The steam evenly cooks food at less than 100°C to retain all the vitamins, minerals and nutritional values. 

    Special functions

    This oven will be your best ally with special preparations that require high precision and maximum control


    Assisted cooking

    This smart function features a menu of programmed recipes displayed at the touch of a button. The Compact Combi Oven has 70 dishes to choose from. So you can always cook with confidence knowing that your KitchenAid oven will get it right.


    Yoghurt preparation

    An easy auto function for easy preparation of home-made yoghurt, with just a simple click


    Dough proving

    Thanks to the damp environment provided by the warm steam, all cakes and bread dough containing yeast will improve in structure for better end results.



    The ideal function when you want to prepare jars of food such as fruit or vegetable preserves, and also useful for sterilising pots used for this purpose.


    Black Steel Collection

    The Combi microwave oven built-it is one of the appliances of the new KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel collection: pure black stainless steel, brushed for a unique, warm effect, elegant and stylish.

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